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Between Civil War and Civil Rights

In Rosewood they burned the African American section of town to the ground. In Wilmington they overturned the elected integrationist government binomo pc version and ran it out of town. These events occurred long ago, but the ideas that fueled them are still alive, impacting our lives and the way we move forward in history.

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A burning cabin near Rosewood, Florida

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Jelly Roll Morton at the piano The Ballad of Robert Charles:
The Riot That Gave Birth to Jazz & Blues
[As heard on Studio 360, November 10, 2005]

When recording was in its infancy, musicians had to meet to influence each other. But by 1900 it was becoming harder for Americans of different races to get together. New Orleans was one of the few places where they could still live and work side-by-side-until its jumble of "native" Whites, immigrants, emancipated blacks, and Creole "free people of color" (and French descent) exploded during the steamy summer of 1900.

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Martin Luther King Jr. marching


Race and Reconciliation Dialogues

What does the history presented in these documentary programs have to do with us today?  Can a society with such rifts in its past ever be reconciled or healed?  Will our history divide us forever, or can it be used to bring us together on a common path towards a just and peaceful world?  Many think it can; many hope so; but we know it takes the willingness to discuss, to understand and to acknowledge events in the past.  As individuals and as communities, we need to start this process.  Listen to "discussion starter" segments from the programs. Consider ways to talk about the issues with friends, neighbors, classmates, family and community.








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We are people from many different walks of life who share a wish to explore our roots and discover how a deeper knowledge of past events can help us overcome historic antagonisms, heal historic wounds and create a more open and honest world.

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