Links to other sites with information about this history, discussions and curriculum on the subject of race, reconciliation and reparations. - Study Circles Resource Center - Nat'l Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America - Examining History and Human Behavior - Radio program about civil liberties and the constitution - Produces radio documentaries, series, and investigative reports for Minnesota Public Radio and the Internet - Dedicated to the importance of human life and the elimination of genocide. - Details of a major symposium held at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, featuring the findings of leading historians on the overthrow of the elected government of Wilmington by white supremacists in 1898. - A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, promotes the creation of communities valuing diversity while dismantling bigotry and hate. - An internationally known non-profit organization dedicated to combating hate, intolerance and racial inequity through education and litigation. - Tulsa Race Riot Commission - Teaching Tolerance, founded by the Southern Poverty Law Center, supports educators in promoting respect and appreciation for diversity. - A radio documentary series portrays the lives of people in five Southern communities during the Civil Rights Movement. Also includes the music of those times. - Promotes racial justice and encourages civic participation on issues of race and democracy in the Southern United States. - A grassroots, multi-cultural initiative uncovering the hidden history of Ocoee, Florida in 1920, when the African American community was driven from the area. - Promotes and preserves the role of Chinese and Chinese American history, heritage and community in Southern California. - Photographic documentary by a Danish vagabond who journeys through the American underclass. - An institute that emphasizes issues of race and social change through public policy, education and research. - A national magazine covering race, culture and organizing in the United States. - A Chronology of American Slavery - The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia - Valuing respect, honesty and integrity, the International Possibilities Unlimited (IPU) is also dedicated to networking people of African descent within the United States on behalf of social justice efforts and activism. - Institute for the Study of Academic Racism - Educating children with an opposite attitude to racism - Anti-racism initiative of the Tides Center - Race, Racism and the Law - Fisk University's Race Relations Institute - The reparations support committee of Western Massachusetts - The Southern Regional Council - Teachers Against Prejudice - The Ujima Collective. UJIMA is dedicated to promoting multicultural interaction - Poverty & Race Research Action Council - United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries - A documentary film about lynching in America - Includes Common Path community forums












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